Gemstones widely used in Harmony Ball Pendants

Various types of semi-precious Gemstones are widely used by silversmith artisans in the making of Harmony Balls, more so in fact in Harmony ‘Dream’ Ball pendants. Gemstones often used include a variety of colored types like Amethyst, Peridot, Citrine, Topaz, Quartz in many colors, Turquoise, Garnet and Royal Ruby to name a few.

The gemstone used in a Harmony ‘Dream’ Ball actually serves a purpose beyond just being decorative – read this article to learn more, ‘What is the Difference between a Harmony Ball and a Dream Ball?’

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How is the Chime Ball in a Harmony Ball Made ? – How do they get that little bell in there ?

Often the soothing soft chime of Harmony Ball is taken for granted – but what makes the chime and how do they in fact make the chime ball.

Take a look at this very interesting article which covers this question in detail “What Makes a Harmony Ball Chime?

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Stunning Sterling Silver Harmony Ball Pendant

This absolutely Stunning Sterling Silver Harmony ball was recently seen in the ‘New Products’ section at

This would have to be one of the most spectacular full Sterling Silver solid outer casing style Harmony Ball’s I have seen – marvelous craftsmanship by the silversmith obtaining such detail on a small ball (16mm).

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